DIYIf you're looking to save a few dollars, or simply love the satisfaction of doing it yourself, we're happy to supply custom made products made to your specifications.

Simply provide your measurements and the style of door, window screen, blind, awning or shutter that you require and we'll supply it to you along with any necessary fittings needed to get the job done yourself.

We are happy to help with advice, however we do recommend that you only take this option if you have some experience and are confident in your abilities, as these are custom made items and mistakes can be costly.



We always have a large range of spare parts for screen doors and windows in stock including:

* Fly screen - all types. Sold by the metre. We also have the spline to fit it into an aluminium frame

* Door locks and lock cylinders for both hinged and sliding doors in a range of styles and colours

* Sliding door rollers (for both sliding screen doors and sliding glass doors) 

* A range of flyscreen clips and sundry fittings

* Aluminium track, angle, and extrusions in various shapes and colours - available by the length or cut to size


We also have a limited range of spare parts for blinds and awnings in stock.


In addition to supplying spare parts, we also offer an extensive repair service.

*We can regauze your doors and windows in your choice of mesh - Either drop them off to us, or we will come to you.

* We can re-key your screen door locks, or fix/replace locks on doors that won't lock.

* Door closers can be replaced, ill fitting doors adjusted, and pretty much anything else wrong with your doors or windows, we can either repair or replace. 

measuringtapeAll of the finished products we offer are custom made to suit your exact requirements.

We often hear the phrase "It's a standard size window/door" but the fact is that this often isn't the case, and even those that are standard size are often out of square or have slightly twisted frames etc. This is often not obvious until you go to fit a nice new, square screen/blind/shutter into the frame.

We have ways of compensating for these irregularities during the fabrication and/or fitting process which usually make for a much better job in the end than trying to get a "One size fits all" product to work.

We offer a complete start to finish service with all of our products. We will happily take care of the entire process for you. 

* Contact us either by phone, email, or simply drop into our showroom 

* We will have a quick chat to determine which of our products will best suit your needs. We can then run through the various options with you.

* We then arrange to call at your property and measure up so that we can provide an accurate, obligation free quote. We also bring colour/fabric samples etc so that you can see the finished product will look at your property.

* When you're happy with the quote, we book the job in and provide you with an estimated date of completion and fitting. We always aim to get the job done as quickly as possible, but we do ask our customers to remember that as all of our products are custom made, it does take time to order materials, build and fit them. Most of our products have a lead time of between one and three weeks from ordering to fitting.



If a new screen door or blinds/awnings/shutters are just one part of your current home improvement plans, then you may be interested to know that we also provide a fully licenced and professional building maintenance service covering a wide range of tasks under our subsidiary business, North West Building Maintenance.

Whether it's just a quick, minor job or part of a larger project, we can usually help. We are able to assist with most common trade work around your house, investment property, or business.

We often find that we can help our customers out with work including but not limited to minor repairs, carpentry, tiling, painting, concreting, fitting/repairing timber doors and jambs, repairing broken windows, gyprock/plaster repair and much more.

What's more, if we can't help you, we will be happy to pass on the names of local specialised tradies who can. 

We also do Security Doors and Window Screens

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View our range of Security Doors and Screens at or our showroom at 77 Henry St, Quirindi